Fashion Director - Behind the Scenes

We’re in the midst of releasing 8 webisodes of a series called “Fashion Director” we created with Macy’s starring Clinton Kelly from TLC’s “What Not To Wear”.  These videos follow the stories of eight different women in need of new outfits.  Their style issues range from dressing age appropriately to going to dinner at The White House.  Several are already live online, and you can watch them here.  

The LA CM team arrived in New York on a Sunday evening to meet up with the NY CM team for the 12 day adventure. We prepped, shot, and posted episodes while we were in the city.  The shoot took place in Brooklyn.  Right near Cafe Grumpy.

We went back and forth shooting on the large loft-style set and the white cyc.  Every episode was shot on the RED Mysterium camera.  It’s a really stunning camera, if only slightly temperamental.  But aren’t we all a bit temperamental?

The rest of the webisodes will be released over the next few weeks.  We’re very proud of what we’ve created and wanted to share a little of what was taking place behind the scenes.  First we thought we’d share with you what took place while we were working with Sasha.  She was our guinea pig essentially, and a really lovely young woman to work with.

All of the dresses looked great on her, but it was up to Clinton to decide which dress was most appropriate to wear to a wedding.  Sasha was a great sport, and we hope she had fun wearing her new outfit to the wedding.  Watch the final video below to see what dress she ended up choosing.

We’ll continue to post more behind the scenes photos and maybe some videos in the next coming weeks.  We shot the eight episodes over 4 rainy crazy days in Brooklyn, and we have the behind the scenes videos to prove it.  There are a few surprising elements to each episode, which we can’t reveal just yet.  You’ll have to watch the episodes every week to see just what antics take place.  

Just to prove to all of you that we were in New York, here is a photo of Nick and Rachelle in Times Square.  No photoshopping necessary!

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